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“There are no strangers in the Blue Knights,

Just friends you haven’t met yet”

We are the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Scotland I Chapter with 45 members throughout Scotland and Isle of Man. We are part of a much larger non-profit making International Motorcycle Club within excess of 16000 members across 32 countries and 615 Chapters worldwide.

Our aim is to promote the positive aspects of riding to the public, whilst meeting with like-minded people throughout the UK and further afield. We enjoy socialising, great ride outs and raising money for charity. Blue Knights internationally have raised and donated more than $18m to worthy causes worldwide.

Join Us

If you have a motorbike and have or had the power of arrest, then get in touch using the email link below.

Our membership includes Customs Officers, Prison Officers, Police Officers, and Immigration Officers, as well as Service Personnel with a power of arrest.

As a member of our club you can enjoy:

  • regular local ride outs
  • partake in organised local, national, and worldwide rallies
  • help raise money for charity
  • socialising over a pint or whatever your tipple is.

We are always looking for new members, so if you think you have what it takes, you’re interested in joining and want to find out if we are the club for you then please send us an e-mail using the links on this site or download, completed and return the application form.

“Join Us & Ride with Pride”

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